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2013 Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 5:00pm
2013 Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture

The Department of Physics invites you to the

2013 Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture 

featuring Professor Anton Zeilinger, University of Vienna

"Quantum Experiments with Photons: From the Foundations towards a New Technology"

Tuesday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m.
School of Business Administration, Room 190
Portland State University, 631 SW Harrison

This lecture includes a review of fundamental concepts of quantum physics like superposition, the measurement process, and entanglement. Then, focusing on photons, Professor Zeilinger shows how these have given rise to the field of quantum information. He will then present recent experiments on long distance quantum teleportation, on other nonlocal phenomena, and on optical quantum computation.

For more information, please contact the Physics Departmwent at 503-725-3812 or visit

About Professor Mark Gurevitch

In 2006, the Department of Physics began the Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture series as a tribute to Dr. Mark Gurevitch, former chair of the Physics Department.

Mark Gurevitch was born in 1916 in Russia to parents Ralph and Celia Gurevitch. Dr. Gurevitch attended the University of California at Berkeley where he completed his doctorate and joined the physics department at Portland State University in 1958. He held the position of department chair for 24 years. 

Dr. Gurevitch accomplished many things in his time at Portland State University; he saw the physics department grow from a two year college to a graduate program, he was instrumental in hiring the first professor of biophysics, and in growing the biophysics group within the Physics Department. Dr. Gurevitch retired twice from Portland State University, once in the early 80s, in order to save three other faculty members from budget cuts, and again in 1991, when department chair duties were turned over to Dr. Erik Bodegom.


Photo credit: Julian Voss-Andreae