PSU School of Business Capstone Project Partners with Burton Snowboards
Author: Melinda Jasmine Crouchley
Posted: May 15, 2018

Burton Pop-Up Event hosted by the Center for Retail LeadershipOn April 25, PSU’s School of Business and Burton Snowboards co-hosted a pop-up exhibit kickoff event with food, beverages, and snowboards in the KMC atrium. Those in attendance also got a sneak peek at a new line of products only available to the market in Winter 2019.  

The main goal of the evening was not only to showcase products, but it was also designed for students, staff, and the Portland community to complete customer experience surveys. Attendees provided critical data for the MBA capstone team as they work through strategies for improving Burton’s customer retail experience.

MBA students Jamie Mitchem ‘18, Nicole Garnatz ‘18, Greg van Amerongen ‘18, and Paul Thompson ‘18, are leading this particular charge. The group is comprised of both part-time and full-time students with a wide variety of skills ranging from project management, to design, to industrial engineering, to industry expertise.

“Our capstone project involves growing the snowboard segment of Burton’s product line. That involves testing different ways of engaging customers, through themes, brands, and information displays,” said Thompson. “This pop-up exhibit allows us to collect data and work towards the goal of breaking down technical barriers for non-snowboarders.”

Also in attendance was Lesley Betts, Senior Product Manager at Burton. She has worked with the team prior to the pop-up exhibit and was not only impressed with the event, but with the quality and professionalism of The School of Business students.

“The team is very perceptive, and they bring unique views to the table, but at the same time they work together very cohesively,” said Betts. “We are excited about this data gathering phase, and we are hoping to discover a better way to talk about our snowboard products in all markets.”

The work is far from over. The pop-up exhibit runs now through May 11, when the team will finish collecting data and move on to the next phase of their capstone project.

“This is a great opportunity to connect with a global brand. We are excited about making strategic recommendations to Burton based on our findings,” said Mitchem.