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Students and PSU faculty testify in support of Citizen Science in Clackamas County

As part of ESM efforts to develop sustainable ecosystems, Dr. Patrick Edwards and more than 100 of his high school students packed the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners meeting on March 18, 2017 to show support for future funding of the Clackamas County Watershed Health Program. Students brought scientific posters of their research and held them up to indicate their support of the program. Through a long-term citizen science monitoring project funded by the Clackamas County Water Environment Services, Dr. Edwards and his students have collected stream invertebrate data for eight years from streams in the Clackamas Basin. The student’s data is used to monitor stream health, including the restored reach of Clear Creek at the confluence of the Clackamas River.  Dr. Edwards and his students testified to the importance of this data and the value of long-term biological data for use in education and stream management. Video of testimonies can be seen at the link below.