Professional Science Master in Environmental Science and Management


The Professional Science Master (PSM) in Environmental Science and Management degree is built on the successful Master of Environmental Management (MEM) degree which has been offered by the department since 1998.  This degree requires the same depth of scientific and environmental management content and skills of the MEM degree, but requires 12 additional credits in “PSM Plus Courses.”  These PSM “Plus Courses” give students knowledge in the discipline of professional management and practices. The objective of this degree is to give students the scientific rigor of the traditional master's degree, knowledge of business practices used in the environmental field and the experience of completing a project with a community partner. A key feature of this degree is the experience garnered by the student while participating in a high quality internship program.

A professional Science Master degree prepares students to effectively contribute to work in: 

  • Environmental Consulting
  • Resource Agencies
  • City, County, and State Government
  • Industry


PSM Curriculum

To encourage the development of interdisciplinary graduate study, guidelines for course selection are flexible.  Students must complete at least 57 graduate credits. The PSM degree curriculum requires students to complete four core ESM graduate courses (16 credits), three seminar courses (3 credits), one course in advanced statistical analysis (4 credits), three courses in the student's area of concentration that are chosen with the advisor's approval (12 credits), one elective or supporting course (4 credits), a project and practicum (6 credits) and at least four PSM “Plus Courses” (12 credits). 

The curricular requirements for the core courses include one course in physical environmental systems, one course in ecological systems and one course in environmental management. In addition, the PSM student must complete the core course ESM 551 – Project Management for Scientists, 4 credits.

The PSM “Plus Courses” of this degree are focused on business and professional management and practices.  The degree offers a range “Plus Course” in project management, communication, law/policy, and professional ethics.  The student is required to complete at least one course in each of the above topics.

A sample of some of projects and community partners that are associated with this program can be found on the interactive website


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