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Meet Professor Joe Maser
Meet Professor Joe Maser

Dr. Joe Master is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Portland State University. Prior joining Portland State in 1996, he was an environmental consultant for 17 years preparing numerous environmental impact statements, water quality studies, wetland studies and wildlife studies throughout the United States. Before becoming an environmental consultant, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology.

Dr. Maser is interested in the general areas of wetland ecology and regulations. In particular, his research interests are focused on the effectiveness of wetland mitigation projects to compensate for ecological functions lost due to anthropogenic activities. The mitigation sites he has studied were upland areas designed and constructed to mimic existing wetland areas. The studies, done in New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Oregon, measured hydrological activity, vegetative community structure and species composition and wildlife use at the mitigation sites. These measured functions were compared to control areas (upland areas similar to pre-mitigation conditions) and existing wetlands which were mimicked by the mitigation design.

He is also interested in the effect of wetland regulations on land use and development patterns and the effect of wetland mitigation policies on ecological functions at a landscape level.

Dr. Maser has developed and taught five courses in the Environmental Science and Management Department: environmental regulations and policy; wetland ecology and regulations; environmental impact assessment; environmental project management, and wetland plant identification. He has developed and taught courses for the University Studies program of Portland State University, including two courses in natural science inquiry and a course in environmental sustainability.

Recently, Dr. Maser developed the Profession Science Masters (PSM) degree program in environmental science and management and is now the director of that program.