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Paul Croy Award

Named for a western educator and poet, the Paul Croy Environmental Scholarship was established to provide support to Undergraduate students who are pursuing academic and career goals related to preservation of the environment. This will be awarded to an outstanding student with career interests in the social and policy aspects of environmental protection and management.  Undergraduate students must nominate themselves for this award.  Nominations are due annually on April 15  and can be submitted via this form: Recipients will be selected by the ESM Awards Committee and announced at the annual departmental Awards Celebration at the end of Spring quarter.

Previous recipients of the Paul Croy Environmental Scholarship:

Kristen Purdy (2016)

Elyse Cogburn (2015)

Robert Nuvolini (2014)

Austin Carnes (2013)

Amira El-Cherbini (2012)

Mathew Dorfman (2011)

Aimee Drake (2010)

Rebecca Aaby (2009)

Caitlyn Peake (2008)

Deanna Hutchinson (2007)

Megan Alameda (2002)

Eric Nielson (2001)

Anita Ramachandran (2000)

Shawna Secord (1999)

Jane Rongerude (1998)

Frederick Ermlich (1995)

John Swift (1995)



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