Dr. Catherine de Rivera

Professor of Environmental Science & Management

Office: SRTC 238E
Phone: (503) 725-9798
Email: derivera@pdx.edu


Courses Taught

ESM 221 Applied Environmental Studies: Problem Solving

ESM 480/580 Coastal Marine Ecology

ESM 485/585 Ecology and Management of Bio-Invasions

ESM 505/ESR 605 Journal Club

ESM 555/ESR 655 Science Communication

ESM 557/657 Science, Media and Public: Working with the Media to Create Effective Scientific Messages



Dr. Cat de Rivera studies how anthropogenic changes in habitat connectivity –whether because of biological invasion, roads and the built environment, or sea level rise—affect animal populations and communities. She combines behavioral ecology techniques with modeling and experiments to address questions about invasions ecology, road ecology, and restoration ecology. She aims both to provide resource managers with findings to help them determine the ecologically best management options as well as to conduct basic research that helps promote our more theoretical understanding of the ecology of marine, estuarine, and terrestrial systems.
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Graduate Students

Leslie Bliss-Ketchum (PhD) blissket@pdx.edu

Jim Holley (MEM)
Vanessa Robertson-Rojas (MS)
Fiona Smeaton (PSM)
Dorothy Horn (PhD)