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2014 ESM Awards


2014 ESM Awards
June 13, 2014

John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teaching Award: Yangdong Pan

PSU Sustainability Research Excellence: Alan Yeakley

Sigma Xi Outstanding Faculty Research Award: Angela Strecker

PSU Student Achievement Award for Academic Achievement – Masters: Kaitlin Goldsmith

PSU Student Achievement Award for University Service – Doctoral: Amy Truitt

Promotion to associate professor with an indefinite tenure: Rob Scheller


Undergrad Awards

Paul Croy: Robert Nuvolini ($500 scholarship) (Max)

Barry Commoner: Maysa Miller ($450 scholarship) (Angela)

Graduate Awards

Dunnette Award: Amy Truitt (Austria)

Bushby Graduate Travel Scholarship

  • Fall 2013: Meenakshi Rao (China), Matthew Paroulek (Washington)   

  • Winter 2014: Joey Peters (Mexico), Zbigniew Grabowski (Florida)

  • Spring: Alex Staunch

Bushby Graduate Scholarship: Brian Turner

Bushby Graduate Teaching Fellowship: Meenakshi Rao

ESM Awards

Outstanding faculty Award:  John Rueter

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Mat Dorfman

Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award - Amy Larson

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award - Robert Nuvolini

Outstanding Graduate Research Award - Jill Van Winkle

    Honorary Mention – Sara Copp

Outstanding Departmental Service Award - Undergrad - Rachel Spaid

Outstanding Departmental Service Award - Grad - Tim Elder, Jill Van Winkle, Meredith Jordan, Sara Copp, Jeff Brittain, Brent Summers, Alex Staunch

Outstanding Departmental Service Award – Staff – Sherie Huffman, Gulnara Browder