Winter Communication and Culture Program

Spend a month in Portland!

The Communication and Culture program is for individuals who want to learn about American culture, develop their conversation skills, and communicate more confidently in English. The Communication and Culture Program is a comprehensive program with 16-17hr total instruction hours each week and service learning hours 4hr-3hr, totalling 20 hours per week. In addition, weekend activities will provide additional opportunities to experience American culture and practice English.    


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2020 Calendar 


Sesssion 1

Sesssion 2

Application deadline

January 20

January 27

Classes begin

February 3

February 10

Classes end

February 27

March 5

Session 1 - 4 weeks - Mon. February 3 - Thurs. February 27
Session 2 - 4 weeks - Mon. February 10 - Thurs. March 5



WCCP Flyer 2019

中文 CHN (PDF)

日本語 JPN (PDF)

Português (PDF)

Español (PDF)

  한국어 KOR (PDF) العربيـة ARB (PDF)    


  • No International Student Visa required!
  • Learn about sustainable initiatives in Portland
  • Get involved with the Portland community through service learning (volunteering)
  • Learn about American culture
  • Live with an American host family
  • Increase your spoken English through conversation practice
  • Develop confidence in communicating in English
  • Experience Portland through classroom activities and field trips  

WCCP Frequently Asked Questions