Antita Kanjanakaew, Nursing 
"It's very difficult to write an English essay so I solved this problem by making an appointment with tutors [in the IELP Learning Center] to correct my grammar and writing"
Abdullah Alamri, Social Work
Abdullah Alamri - Saudi Arabia 2019Saudi Arabia
"...You can go anywhere here in Portland...by using public transportation. Also people here are so so friendly." 
Daiki Mitsui, International Economics
Daiki Mitsui, Japan 2019Japan
"IELP students often gather in the IELP lounge to talk with friends, play games, and eat snacks"

Fatimah Hatab, Nursing
Abdullah Alamri - Saudi Arabia 2019 Saudi Arabia

"I like to come to the IELP building because they have a prayer room and they respect our religion--all religions". 
Nooran Ahmad, Quality Management in Health Care
Abdullah Alamri - Saudi Arabia 2019Saudi Arabia
"...The people here [in Portland] are wonderful [towards] international people like me"
Yutong Hu, Computer Science
Yutong Hu, China 2019China
"The first reason [ I choose to study in Portland] was to improve my English. The second reason was so I could experience American teaching styles".