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Meet Professor Micki Caskey
Meet Professor Micki Caskey

Micki M. Caskey, PhD, professor and doctoral program director in the College of Education, has a passion for the education of young adolescents. She draws on more than 20 years of teaching inner-city adolescents in middle and high schools. Her areas of specialization include middle grades education, content area literacy, action research, strategic instruction, and teacher education.

She is former chair of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) Research Advisory Committee, past chair of the American Educational Research Association's (AERA) Middle Level Education Research Special Interest Group (MLER SIG), past editor of Research in Middle Level Education Online, past higher education representative to the Oregon Middle Level Association. She is the recipient of the John H. Lounsbury Award for Distinguished Service and the Pete Lorain Lifetime of Service Award in middle grade education.

Her publications include: Common Planning Time in Middle Level Schools: Research Studies from the MLER SIG’s National Project, The Young Adolescent and the Middle School, Reading and Learning Strategies: Middle Grades through High School (4th ed.), Making a Difference: Action Research in Middle Level Education, research annuals, book chapters, curriculum, and numerous journal articles.

Micki Caskey, PhD
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