Off the Shelf: Fall 2005
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: October 5, 2005


CD by Hamilton Cheifetz and Bryan Johanson (music faculty), Gagliano Recordings, Portland, 2005.

The critically acclaimed cello and guitar duo of Hamilton Cheifetz and Bryan Johanson have recorded newly arranged music from composers of the past century—Shostakovich, Ravel, and Falla—as well as four new works by Johanson: Homemade Music, In Amber Light, Fantasy on a Plainchant, and Elegy. The music spans soothing classical melodies to Johanson’s own use of creative dissonance.


By Michael Hollister (English emeritus faculty), AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Ind., 2005.

Michael Hollister continues the story of Sarah and her husband, Ryan, as they live and work in Hollywood during the 1940s and ’50s. The story began in Holywood, the first novel of Hollister’s planned trilogy. In Follywood, Sarah wants to make art films, and Ryan wants to make hit movies. They compromise but are caught in the crosshairs of the Congressional hunt for communists. Hollister, whose father worked in the movie industry, taught at PSU for 32 years. He now lives in Brookings.

Elysen: A Novel

By Joe Cooke ’87, MT ’90, Cannon Press, Walla Walla, Wash., 2005.

Found under the genre of fantasy, Elysen tells the tale of a young woman born as a warrior into a culture where her presence is forbidden. Elysen’s only protectors are killed, and she is accused of their murder by a grasping, power hungry cousin who first brutalizes her then hunts her. As she escapes, she encounters both evil and good and gets closer to understanding her own destiny. The book definitely calls for a sequel, which Cooke, a real estate agent in Walla Walla, is now in the process of writing.

The Portland Edge

Edited by Connie Ozawa (urban studies and planning faculty), Island Press, Washington, D.C., 2004.

Does Portland deserve the accolades it has received for smart growth and livability or has hype overshadowed the real story? In The Portland Edge, scholars—many from PSU—who have lived in and studied the region, present a balanced look at the city today, explaining current conditions in the context of the people and institutions that have shaped it. Contributors provide empirical data as well as critical insights and analysis. They show that Portland is an important case study for anyone concerned with land use and community development.

Global Electioneering cover imageGlobal Electioneering

By Gerald Sussman (urban studies and planning faculty), Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Md., 2005.

Gerald Sussman’s book explores American-style political consulting and its spread to countries throughout the world—emphasizing the roles of communication and technology. He challenges the common belief that American influence abroad is due strictly to professionalization of politics and is instead affected by economics, industry, and the power of new communication technology. Sussman makes a convincing argument that money and professional campaigning are leading to the impoverishment of democracy.

Voices from the Void

By Richard Donin ’74, Radon Press, Portland, 2005.

This collection of poetry by Richard Donin focuses on awareness—of love, parenting, depression, fear, and other life experiences. His works attempt to capture a selected feeling, sensation, or event as a frozen piece of time. A graduate-level college instructor, Donin began writing poetry 25 years ago. He is also a Northwest music booking and recording agent.

The Amacon Cover

By William Klausman ’66, Bedside Books, Salt Lake City, 2005.

This novel follows corporate spy Bill Gale as he looks into a deadly cargo jet crash. The reader needs to understand that much of the tale comes from the annals of William “Bill” Klausman’s own life in corporate espionage. (See Alumni profile of author.)

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