Dana Ghazi and David Martinez elected as President and Vice President of ASPSU
Author: ASPSU
Posted: May 11, 2015

On Friday, May 8th, the official winners of the 2015-2016 Associated Students of PSU (ASPSU) elections were announced. The winners are: Dana Ghazi, president, and David Martinez, vice president.

“It was a fantastic turnout, considering we had to restart the election. Many more students decided to run and be involved, which is what representing your student body is all about. Those of us that will be staying on with ASPSU for next year look forward to great things from the new administration,” Barb Payne, Vice-Chief Justice of the ASPSU Judicial Review Board said.

The Constitutional Amendment changes that were passed by the student body were:

- Clarified certain processes within ASPSU governance

- Updated language to reflect implementation of the Board of Trustees

- Changed student fee committee membership from 8 to 7 members.

- For more information, please see the candidate voter pamphlet.

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 Student Fee Committee

Amina Sheikh-Wali, Patricia Perez Cruz, Anna Vetter, Sulakha Hassan, Ruth Binyam, Wondemagegne Nevens and Xavier Coleman.

Student Senate

Yesenia Carillo, Sara Al-Jilani, Luis Perez, Wanjiku Wainaina, Mustafa Almuzel, Sumitra Chhetri, Corinne Schneider, Trevor Jacobson, Liddy Champion, Valentina Trillo, Chloe Thompson, Andrew McCandless, Alyssa Waite, Patrick Vroman, Antonio Cortes and Iphi Bugingo