Academic Communication for Graduate Students

Academic Communication for Graduate Students 

These specialized courses are designed to support graduate students in refining the communication skills necessary for success in American master's and doctoral programs. In these classes, students can work on improving their academic writing and presentation skills, develop strategies to effectively participate in American graduate-level classes, and receive support in adjusting to the culture and pressures of academia.

  • I am a current graduate student at PSU, OHSU, or another university in the Portland area.

If you are admitted to, or if you are already taking classes in your degree program, you do not need to apply to the IELP or take our placement test! 


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  • I want to go to graduate school in the U.S.A.

The IELP is a great place to prepare for your graduate studies. We have tutors in our Learning Center who specialize in IELTS and TOEFL iBT tests, and we have classes that can help you develop your grammar, writing, reading, and listening/speaking skills.

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Questions? Want to learn more? Please contact:

Linnea Spitzer, Graduate Communication Specialist / 503-725-5455


IELP Student Testimonial

Tianyu (Fay) Zhang, PSU Graduate Student
MA TESOL & International Management
“Especially in China, we think that language programs are a waste of money,
waste of time, but that’s not going to happen in the IELP..."