IELP Student Testimonials Videos 2016

IELP Testimonial videos 2016

Bassam Alduhaim

Saudi Arabia

" In the IELP, I really saw how a university or institution can provide the best to international students...”

Ankita Guchait

"The public speaking courses and academic vocabulary courses...were really useful for when I got into PSU. They are still useful to me in my career as well.”

Fatemah Alherz

“Being an engineering student I spend most of my time in the library...there are so many utilities you can use; computers, you can rent out laptops, you can even get headphones if you don’t have headphones. It’s nice.”

Lisha Yu

“My most memorable experience in the IELP is that I had a connection with most of my IELP teachers."

Abdulellah Altaweel
Saudi Arabia

Portland is the best city in the world, I want to live here forever. I don’t know how to describe Portland, but I feel like it’s my city...”

Dmytro Shakalov

“I am currently preparing for my IELTS exam and the learning center has really good tools for preparing for IELTS.”