Edward D. and Olive C. Bushby Scholarship

The Bushby family established an endowment for the support of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Environmental Science and Management that have financial need. Recipients may use the funds for research, travel to a professional conference, or as a stipend. Applicants may request up to $2,000.  

There are two application deadlines throughout each year: November 15 and May 1. Please plan to receive your award at least 8-10 weeks after the deadline date.

To apply, please complete the Bushby Application Form. Please submit your application directly to Dr. Patrick Edwards at patrick.edwards@pdx.edu

Accepting a scholarship may impact a student's financial aid. Students can contact the PSU financial aid office to inquire about their personal financial impact of accepting a scholarship. 

Recipients will be contacted by the PSU Foundation to submit a thank you letter to the Bushby Scholarship donors for their generous support.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the ESM Award Committee chair is Dr. Patrick Edwards.

Previous recipients of the scholarship include:

2020: Elissa Connolly-Randazzo, James Mitchell, Rosemary Wood, Erin McElroy, Megan Colley, Kimberly Brown, Summer Traylor, Paul Hurst, Sadie Boyers, Wesley Noone, Geoff Szafranski, Julia Seydel. 

2019: Andrew McEvoy, Erin Upton, Amy Valine, Taylor Dodrill, Lara Jansen, Amy Ehrhart, Laura Costadone, Fiona Smeaton, Erin Upton, Victoria Avalos, James Holley, Crysta Gantz, Britta Baechler, Laura Costadone, Taylor Dodrill. 

2018: Erin Upton, Crysta Gantz, Erin Costello, Kara Caselas, Michael Vermeulen, Terry Marcey, Emma Huston, Kerissa Battle, Tim Elder, Hailey Wallace, Britta Baechler, Amy Ehrhart, Dorothy Horn, Bryn Hudson, Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer, Manar Alattar, Anna Withington, Zachary Robbins, Anna Bolm, Amy Hemingway, Emma Kohlsmith, Vanessa Robertson-Rojas, Laura Costadone, Danielle Verna, Alix Danielsen, Rayna Koberstein, Julia Tier, Ari Sindel, Brittany Saeman, Ashley Peterson, Kirsten Sarle

2017: Tim Elder, David Farmer, Natalie Rogers, Amy Truitt, Bryn Hudson, Britta Baechler, Brooke Cassell, Amy Ehrhart, Monica Mogilewsky, Emily Quinton, Bernard Romey, Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer, Garry Sotnik, Erin Upton, Kara Caselas, Emma Huston, Erin Looper, Whitney McClees, Danielle Verna, Christa von Behren, Manar Alattar, Dorothy Horn, Zachary Robbins, Anna Withington

2016: Arick Rouhe, Mark Bradley, Benjamin Shetterly, Ariana Chiapella, Laura Costadone, Brian McGann, Madeline Rubenson, Whitney McClees, Garry Sotnik, Amelia Johnson, Rachel Calmer, Manar Alattar, Anne Weaver, Brooke Cassell, Adam Hart, Brian McGann, Casey Lewis, Arick Rouhe

2015: Brian Turner, Sarah Kidd, Jaclyn Teixeira, Erin Looper, Leslie-Bliss Ketchum, Steven Braun, Amy Truitt, Harisharan Luintel, Kit Rouhe, Amelia Johnson, Sam Cimino, Matthew DeAngelo, Ashley Vizek, Sydney Gonsalves

2014: Amy Truitt, Ariana Chiapella, Brian Turner, Meenakshi Rao, Alex Staunch, Joey Peters, Zbigniew Grabowski

2013: Matthew Duveneck, Adelaide Johnson, Matthew Paroulek, Meenakshi Rao, Sarah Kidd, Jacinda Mainord, Brian Turner

2012: Sarah Freed, Jodi Schoenen, Amy Truitt, Matthew Duveneck, Kerissa Fuccillo, Choo Chee Kuang, Aileen Miller