David Dunnette Award

Professor David Dunnette was one of the founding members of the department. An endowment was established in his memory to support ESM graduate student travel to present their research at meetings. One award will be given each year. To apply, please complete the Dunnette Application Form. Please submit your application directly to Dr. Patrick Edwards at patrick.edwards@pdx.edu by December 1st, 2020. For travel at other times, please see the new Edward D. and Olive C. Bushby Scholarship. Please plan to receive your award at least 8-10 weeks after the deadline date.  

Accepting a scholarship may impact a student's financial aid. Students can contact the PSU financial aid office to inquire about their personal financial impact of accepting a scholarship. 

*For the 2020-21 academic year, the ESM Award Committee chair is Dr. Patrick Edwards.

Previous recipients of the Dunnette Award:

Christopher Desiderati (2020)
Taylor Dodrill (2020)
Lara Jansen & Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer (2019)
Erin Upton (2018)
Erin Upton (2017)
Erin Upton (2016)
Meenakshi Rao (2015)
Leslie Ketchum (2015)
Amy Truitt (2014)
Amy Truitt (2013)
Sarah Freed (2011)
Arick Rouhe (2011)
Tim Davidson (2011)
Patrick Edwards (2010)
Tara Chestnut (2010)
Chris Parker (2009)
Sybil Kelley (2008)
Joshua Caplan (2007)
Nadia Gillett (2007)
Adam Kennedy (2006)
Wayne Rifer (2006)
Laurie Dizney (2006)
Fenix Grange (2001)
Michael Fitzgerald (1999)
Thomas Lowry (1999)