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Research Safety

Serving the PSU Research Community

Research and teaching laboratories can contain many varied hazards.  Those who work in laboratories must be properly trained and equipped, and must adhere to safe work practices in order to avoid injury to themselves and others. EHS helps facilitate a safe work environment by maintaining the programs related to research.

These programs include: 

In the event of a life-threatening emergency in a laboratory, call 911.  When safe to do so, notify the Campus Public Safety Office (503-725-4404) and then contact EHS.

Contact EHS for assistance with non-life-threatening spills, accidents or other safety concerns.  EHS can be reached after hours through the Campus Public Safety Office at 503-725-4404.

For teaching and research laboratory incident reporting, please fill out the Near-Miss and Incident reporting form (click button below).  All questions are voluntary and form can be submitted anonymously, although if you'd like a follow-up please submit your contact info.  Incidents may range from a chemical spill to an exposure to a minor injury.  Please contact EHS with any questions.

Laboratory Near-Miss and Incident Reporting

If you would like to sign up for the monthly laboratory safety training (brought to you by the Chemistry Stockroom), please fill out the registration form (click button below).

Laboratory Safety Training Sign-up