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Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste Management, Decay, Removal & Disposal

The Keys to Managing Radioactive Waste: 

  • Know which radionuclide it is that needs disposal.
  • Segregate the different radionuclides: 
    • Long-lived (3H, 14C) is not allowed to decay
    • Short-lived (32P, 33P, 35S) is allowed to decay (in lab or by RSO).
  • Survey the material with the appropriate instrument to limit waste (if not contaminated, regular trash disposal is appropriate).
  • Re-use glassware for other radioactive experiments.

When Decaying Radioactive Waste:

  • This only applies to half-lives <90 days (RSOP1501.1).
  • Ensure entire bag of waste is free of radioactive markings.
  • Verify that a minimum of 10 half-lives have passed.
  • Check outside of bag and on top of waste with appropriate survey instrument.
  • Record results on decay form. 

Radioactive Waste Rules, Procedures & Forms:

  • Radiation Safety Program Guide Section 15: Radioactive Waste Disposal
  • Radioactive Waste Handling & Storage RSOP 1501.1
  • Disposal by RSO RSOP 1501.3
  • Liquid drain disposal RSOP 1501.2

For disposal and removal of radioactive materials, the RSO must be contacted.