Drinking Water


PSU's Environmental Health & Safety Department (EHS) periodically samples drinking water in older campus buildings. Drinking water may occasionally appear cloudy, have a different taste, or have a rust-colored tint.  
Portland Water Bureau provides information on these and other issues related to the drinking water supplied to Portland residences and businesses, including PSU.  

When levels above the EPA action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb) are identified, residents are notified, bottled water is provided and corrective actions are initiated.  More information is available here:  PSU tests water in residence halls for lead

Campus Residence Halls

Drinking water from all kitchen and bathroom fixtures in all campus residence halls have been tested by an independent consultant.  


Test results for faucets with initial levels at or above the EPA action level (15 ppb) are posted below. Follow up sampling of those faucets was performed following remediation and those results are also shown below.


All other rooms in these residence halls have results below 15 ppb.  For specific results not listed, contact EHS.

Cramer Hall

Additional sampling was conducted in Cramer Hall in response to identifying consistent levels above 15 ppb. 

Ongoing Campus Drinking Water Sampling

EHS periodically samples water from PSU buildings. Each building is sampled from a representaitve number of drinking water fixtures, depending on the size of the building, total drinking water sources, and history of sampling results. The sampling locations within the buildings rotate over time. 

*Samples were collected in general accordance with the EPA's Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Non-Residential Buildings, and Lead and Copper Rule Standards. All samples were analyzed at laboratories accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) for testing under the Safe Drinking Water Act. 


If you have questions or concerns about drinking water or plumbing in your work area or living area on campus, please submit a Work Order or contact EHS