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Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral which has been used in a variety of building materials. It is a well recognized hazard, and it is highly regulated. Asbestos has been banned in materials such as spray-fireproofing though it is still found in other commercial products. To date, even new buildings are not free of asbestos containing materials.

To ensure compliance with Oregon OSHA and the Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Health and Safety provides support to construction and maintenance projects which may involve asbestos containing materials.

Where is asbestos found? 

Asbestos may be present in older campus buildings, especially those built prior to 1981.  The following list describes, but is not limited to, where asbestos containing materials may be found:

  • Most 9x9 and some 12x12 floor tiles (including mastic/glue)
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Wall and ceiling insulation
  • Sprayed-on fire proofing and insulation (including pipes, steel beams, boilers, etc.)
  • Putties, caulks, and cements
  • Wall and ceiling texture ("popcorn" ceilings)
  • Joint compounds

Please contact EHS prior to performing work on, or disturbing material that may contain asbestos. 


EHS provides annual awareness and Class III (operations and maintenance) training to PSU staff that may work near or with asbestos containing material. 


Oregon OSHA Asbestos Fact Sheet (pdf)

Oregon OSHA Asbestos Training Fact Sheet (pdf)

Oregon OSHA Asbestos Standard

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