USGS and PSU Research Collaborative

Portland State, The School of the Environment and USGS Oregon Water Science Center have a cooperative agreement that supports research collaboration and teaching.




The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Oregon Water Science Center (OWSC) and Portland State University established a joint program of research, education, and outreach in June of 2007. Although there had been a great deal of interaction between these two organizations on an informal basis in the past and present, this formal program expanded the collaborative research and investigations of water supply, water quality, hydrologic hazards, and biological resources which are of critical importance.

The USGS OWSC and PSU entered into this “Cooperative Agreement” for conducting joint research that focuses on the scientific basis for management of water resources in the State of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. In addition to site and basin studies, this collaboration includes scientific investigations to improve the “state of the science” by furthering the understanding of the hydrologic, geologic, and biological processes.

This collaboration is facilitated by collocation of the USGS OWSC on the PSU campus and the creation of a Collaborative Research Work Group composed of USGS OWSC and PSU scientists that provide oversight, guide, and plan for collaborative research and educational activities.