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Urban Ecology & Sustainability

The urban environment has become one of the major ecosystems on the planet. Many faculty in the School of the Environment are studying the impact of the cities on the landscape and studying the ecology of diverse urban areas. Our faculty have strong linkages to faculty in other Colleges and centers, in particular the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, the College of Urban and Public Affairs, and the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. The research group in the School of the Environment represents a list of these faculty who are involved in urban ecosystems, impact of urban pressures, and how these relate to sustainability.


Alan Yeakley,

Other involved faculty:
Darrell Brown, SBA
Virginia Butler, ANTH
Heejun Chang, GEOG
David Ervin, ESM & ECON
Bill Fish, ESM & CEE
Andrew Fountain, GEOL
Linda Geroge, ESM
Elise Granek, ESM
Thomas Harvey, GEOG
Yangdong Pan, ESM
Rob Scheller, ESM
Jeremey Spoon, ANTH
Ian Waite, USGS


PhD Students

Christine Kendrick
Leslie Bliss-Ketchum
Sarah Kidd
Ted Hart
Jacinda Mainord
Meenakshi Rao
Jodi Schoenen
Roy Watters

Example Graduate Courses

ESM 528: Urban Ecology
ESM 560: Air Pollution
GEOG 532: Urban Landscapes
GEOG 542: Sustainable Cities
ESR 692: Ecological Concepts of Ecosystem Services
SOC 694/PA 694: Impacts of Social Policy and Management Practices on Ecosystem Services
GEOG 696: Dynamics of Ecosystem Services
ECON 698/MGMT 698: Ecosystem Service Valuation: An Integrated Assessment