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Research Groups

There are several Research Groups in six major areas.

Research groups are formed around central and important themes. They are centered in the School but include affiliated faculty and staff from USGS, INR-P and other PSU departments. These research groups are formalized collaborations between our core faculty and PhD students, and are used to decide on areas for new faculty hires and seek funding for infrastructure improvements. Faculty participating in these research groups are the best way for PSU to identify emerging areas of scholarship and applied research to pursue. Some of the groups listed here are already active and others are being developed.


 Subject Area

Research Groups


Multi-Investigator Projects

Ecology and Management

Aquatic Ecology Center for Lakes and Reservoirs

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs

Aquatic Bioinvasions Policy and Research Institute

Smithsonian Environmental Research

Institute for Natural Resources-Portland 

Forest Ecology and Management  

Institute of Natural Resources-Portland

Dynamic Ecosystems & Landscapes Lab

USFS PNW Research Station

 Western Mountain Initiative
Conservation Ecology and Biology Institute of Natural Resources-Portland  McMurdo LTER

Urban Ecology and Sustainability


Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium of Portland and Vancouver

Ecosystems Services for Urbanizing Regions - IGERT

Urban Long Term Research Areas Exploration - ULTRA-Ex

Physical Processes and Human Impact


Critical Zone Processes

Hydrology and Water Resources  

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs

Glacier Research at PSU

Environmental Professionals Program

Student Watershed Research Project


Climate change and urban water demand

SESAME (Spatial ecosystem services analysis, modeling, and evaluation)

Oregon Climate Impact Assessment Report (freshwater section)

Columbia River basin integrated study

Climate and Planetary Processes



Cascadia Meteorite Lab  
Glacier Research Glacier Research at PSU

Glaciers of the American West

McMurdo LTER

Western Mountain Initiative

Global Climate Change and Policy Center for Climate and Aerosol Research

Research Methods Development

Geographic Information Sciences    

Education and Community Based Research

Environmental Geology and
Geography Education

 Oregon Geographic Alliance

   Cascades to Coast GK12

Systems and Complexity Science

Discrete Multivariate Modeling   System Philosophy
System Dynamics and Simulation
  Artificial Life