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Professional Service

Faculty in the School of the Environment are active in their academic discipline and public organizations.  In addition to reviewing journal articles and proposals, our faculty provide valuable leadership in many organizations. In the last academic year (2011/12) our faculty have contributed in the following roles:

Catherine de Rivera

  • Board of Advisors for Oregoin Invasive Species Council

Marion Dresner

  • NEON Coordinating Committee

Linda George

  • Scientific Adivsory Committee for Air Advice, Inc.
  •  Board of Directors for Oregon Center for Environmental Health

Elise Granek

  • Governing Board Member for Society for Conservation Biology (Marine Section)

Robert Scheller

  • Treasurer for US-Intl Association of Landscape Ecologists
  • Program organizer for LANDIS-II Users and Developers Conference

Mark Sytsma

  • ANS Task Force Monitoring and Detection Committee
  • Board of Directors for Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Associate Editor for Aquatic Plant Management Society
  •  National New Zealand Mudsnail Management Plan Committee
  • Chairperson, Oregon Noxious Weed Management Funding Working Group
  • Chairperson, Pacific Northwest Economic Region Invasive Species Committee
  • West Coast Ballast Water Outreach Project Advisory Committee

Alan Yeakley

  • Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team for the State of Oregon

Teresa Bulman

  • Co-coordinator for the Oregon Geographic Alliance
  • Co-chair, Local Arrangements Committee, National Council for Geographic Information Annual Meeting

Heejun Chang

  • Advisory team, Lower Willamette Basin Climate Futures Preparedness Program, Climate Leadership Initiative
  • Executive Director, Association of Korean-American Geospatial and Environmental Scientists
  • Editorial Review Board, The Korean Journal of Climatic Change
  • Editorial Review Board, The Geographical Journal of Korea
  • Editorial Reviwe Board, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal
  • Basin Representiative for UNSECO-HELP Willamette Basin
  • Editorial Reviwe Board, Journal of Geography (Jirihaknonchong)

Joseph Poracsky

  • Chairperson, Oregon Academy of Sciences

Sherry Cady

  • Editor, Astrobiology

Andrew Fountain

  • Program Organizer, Select Committee on Antarctic Research
  • Oregon Climate Change Research Institute Advisory Committee

Christina Hulbe

  • Chair, publications committee, International Glaciology Society
  • Vice President, International Glaciology Society
  • Chairperson, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
  • Senior Editor, Antarctic Science

Alex Ruzicka

  • Board of Editors, Astrobiology
  • Meteoritical Society membership and nomenclature committees
  • Associate Editor, Meteoritics and Planetary Science