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PhD Student Forms

  • Departmental Application
  • GTA Applications: If your adviser is in Environmental Science & Management, you can apply for a Teaching Assistantship in ESM. Geography and Geology are not currently hiring doctoral students for GTA positions. contact for more info.
  • By Arrangement form (for dissertation credits and other one-on-one credits arranged with an instructor). Instructions:
    • Be sure to fill out the top section completely, including phone number and signature. 
    • If you are signing up for dissertation (called "thesis" on this form), research, or R&C credits, these are ESR (not ESM).
    • The 20-character Course Title follows a specific format. Look at the menu down the right side of the form under "PLEASE USE THESE COURSE NUMBERS." ESR 603 course titles must start with "THESIS: ____" (yes, even though it's a dissertation, it uses the "thesis" title). ESR 601 will always start with "RES:____", etc. This is what shows up on your transcript so be as descriptive as possible in the small space provided.
    • Please check a box under "grade method," "instructional method," and "Community Based Learning." Check with your instructor if you are unsure.
    • Under College/School, put "CLAS".
    • "Course Description" must be completed. One or two sentences is fine.
    • Put your instructor name at the bottom and have them sign before turning in to the SOE office.
  • Advisory Committee Formation (ESR-006)
  • Comprehensive Exam Formation (ESR-007)
  • Comprehensive Exam Prospectus Cover Sheet (ESR-008). Comprehensive Exam Prospectus example 1, example 2, example 3. A copy of the Prospectus should be turned in with this cover sheet. (Electronic version preferred, can be emailed to
  • A copy of the Dissertation Proposals must be included with the Doctoral Request for Advancement to Candidacy (GO-23 form) when submitted to the SOE office. (Electronic version preferred, can be emailed to See Dissertation Proposal example 1, example 2, example 3.

Students must apply for graduation and have submitted the following documents to the Office of Graduate Studies on or before the specific dates indicated on the Graduate Candidates Deadlines site. If you have any questions about applying for graduation you may contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 503-725-8410 or, or visit the office located in the Parkmill Building Suite 184.

The forms listed below can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies site.

GO-16D, Appointment of Doctoral Dissertation Committee (Doctoral Level)

GO-17D, Recommendation for the Degree (Doctoral Level)

GO-19, Request for Change of Program

GO-21D, Proposed Transfer Credit (Doctoral Level)

GO-22, Report on Passing Comprehensive Examinatoins (replaces ESR-004)

GO-23, Doctoral Request for Advancement to Candidacy

Dissertation Signature Page

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Access Form (ETD)

ETD Formatting Checklist