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Our students have access to an array of terranes and ecosystems in which to hone their earth and environmental science skills, most within 90 minutes (or less) of Portland State’s campus.

Students also take advantage of the vibrant policy landscape of Oregon, home to the nation’s first bottle bill, climate action plan, urban growth boundary, and modern light rail system. 

And when they graduate, our students are connected to potential careers within the city’s many global companies (Nike, Intel, Amazon) and to influential nonprofit and governmental agencies (the USGS, the Nature Conservancy, the Smithsonian, and many more).

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Student Spotlight

Dorothy Horn, Environmental Science and Management
Microplastics in sand crabs

Student studying crabs and microplastics

As an undergraduate I became aware of the alarming amounts of plastic on our beaches. This inspired me to investigate the possibility of marine organisms ingesting the breakdown of marine debris called microplastics. I found that approximately 30% of Pacific mole crabs along the California coast ingest microplastics. These findings led me into my PhD research here at Portland State University, where I am investigating the impacts of microplastic ingestion on a near-shore marine food web.

Find out more about my research on my website.


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PSU undergrad (Jonathan Duelks) and grad (Justin Junge) working on a rescue excavation at the Walakpa archaeological site in northern Alaska.


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