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Links to Current Governance Documents

This page provides links to The School of the Environment's governance documents.  


J. Alan Yeakley

Executive Committee

J. Alan Yeakley, Director

Yangdon Pan, ESM Chair

Christina Hulbe, Geology Chair

Joeseph Poracsky, Geography Chair

Jimmy Kagan, INR-P Director

Dar Crammond, USGS-OWSC

Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Governing documents

Ratified Bylaws

School Creation Documents

Proposed types of appointments with titles, responsibilities and rights (Oct 19, 2009)

Agreement on how to proceed on the by-laws ratification in the absence of by-laws. The so-called "pre-nup"

Bridge agreement to admit PhD students while the PhD Guidelines are being ratified.

Proposal for the School of the Environment as submitted to the PSU Educational Policy Committee on 4/29/08