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Hydrology and Water Resources

This research group facilitates research on physical, chemical, ecological, and socioeconomic processes of hydrology and water resources system by hosting interdisciplinary seminars, graduate journal clubs, and producing collaborative proposals at multiple levels. Current research in the group includes alpine hydrology, aquatic ecology, fluvial geomorphology, groundwater hydrology, hydroclimatology, lake and reservoir studies, riparian ecology and management, stream restoration, urban hydrology, water education, water quality modeling and analysis, water use analysis, watershed process and management, and water resource management. Faculty expertise in SE is complemented by other researchers on campus.

See example graduate courses relating to Hydrology and Water Resources.

Research Foci

Alpine/glacier hydrology (Fountain, Lafrenz)
Fluvial geomorphology (Burns, Cummings, Fountain, Lafrenz, Peterson)
Groundwater hydrology (Fountain, Perkins, Peterson)
Hydroclimatology (Bulman, Chang, Fountain)
Hydroecology (Pan, Strecker, Yeakley)
Limnology (Rueter, Strecker, Sytsma)
Urban hydrology (Chang, Lafrenz, Peterson, Yeakley)
Water education (Bulman)
Water quality research (Chang, Pan, Rueter, Strecker, Sytsma, Yeakley)
Water use and demand (Chang)
Water resources management (Bulman, Chang)


Heejun Chang,
Surface water, water quality, sediment, floods and droughts, water use and demand, water economics

Other involved faculty:

Chauncy Anderson, USGS-OWSC

Teresa Bulman, GEOG

Erik Burns, USGS-OWSC

Scott Burns, GEOG

Terrence Conlon, USGS-OWSC

Michael Cummings, GEOL

Richard Dewey, ESM

Andrew Fountain, GEOL
Surface water, water quality, sediment

Marshall Gannett, USGS-OWSC

Martin Lafrenz, GEOG
Sediment, floods and droughts

David Jay, CECS
River and estuarine system hydrodynamics

James O'Connor, USGS-OWSC

Yangdong Pan, ESM
Surface water, water quality, aquatic ecology ecosystems, habitat restoration

Robert Perkins, GEOL

Curt Peterson, GEOL

Catherine de Rivera, ESM
Estuarine and coastal processes and ecosystems

John Rueter, ESM

Angela Strecker, ESM

Mark Sytsma, ESM
Aquatic ecology ecosystems, habitat restoration, water governance, estuarine and coastal processes and ecosystems, water governance

Alan Yeakley, ESM
Surface water, water quality, sediment, aquatic ecology ecosystems, habitat restoration

PhD Students

Terrence Anthony
Anna Fisher de Leon
Thomas Epps

Past and Current Projects

Climate change and urban water demand
SESAME (Spatial ecosystem services analysis, modeling, and evaluation)
Portland-Vancouver Urban Long-Term Research Area
Willamette 2100 project
Oregon Climate Impact Assessment Report (freshwater section)
Columbia River basin integrated study

Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs
Environmental Professionals Program
Student Watershed Research Project

Community Partners

US Forest Service
US Geological Survey
NRCS-National Water and Climate Center
Institute for Natural Resources-Portland
Oregon Department of Water Resources
City of Portland-Bureau of Environmental Services
Portland Water Bureau
Clean Water Services
Watershed Councils
Institute for Sustainable Solutions