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Global Climate Change and Policy

This group conducts research on current issues dealing with global climate change and its causes. It is widely accepted nowadays that the earth is warming due to human activities. As greenhouse gases accumulate a large number of feedbacks are triggered, which can exacerbate or  ameliorate the warming trends. The research of this group is to understand the nature and magnitude of these processes as well as the possible scenarios for increases in greenhouse gases. These are the main elements for making credible predictions about the future climate and its consequences for human life and the earth’s environment.  The potential harmful affects of climate change are sufficient cause for adopting public policies to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases and to invest in adapting to some of the inevitable changes. The group is working on using the science to recommend informed policies both on national and international scales. Past research published by the principal scientists of this group has been used to develop the Montreal Protocol to eliminate emissions of ozone depleting compounds and the Kyoto Protocol designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions.


M.A.K. Khalil, PHYS,

Other involved faculty:
Chris Butenhoff, PHYS
Andrew Rice, PHYS
Todd Rosenstiel, BIOL 

Example courses:

ESR 571/PH 571: Atmospheric Physics
EC/ESM 543: Global Environmental Economics
ESM 588: Environmental Sustainability
PH 577: Air Pollution
PH 578: Applications of Air Pollution Modeling
PH 679: Advanced Atmospheric Physics