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Forest Ecology & Management

Forest Ecology & Management facilitates research on forest ecology and the management of forest resources. Current research in the group includes aspen decline in Nevada, Climate change, Wildfire, and Fuel Treatment Effects in the Lake Tahoe Basin, forest monitoring and land use effects in Forest Park, collaborative approaches to sustainability in PNW national forests, and forest carbon and disturbance dynamics in Oregon, California, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.




Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Institute of Natural Resources-Portland
Dynamic Ecosystems & Landscapes Lab
USFS PNW Research Station


Contact: Rob Scheller,
Marion Dresner,
Jeff Gerwing,

Other involved faculty:
Simon Bisrat, INR-P
Megan Creutzburg

Heejun Chang, GEOG
Mitchell Cruzan, BIOL
Geoffrey Duh, GEOG
Emilie Henderson, INR-P
Krista Jones, USGS
Martin Lafrenz, GEOG
Melissa Lucash, ESM
Michael Murphy, BIOL
Travis Smith, INR-P
Alan Yeakley, ESM
Andres Holz, GEOG

PhD Students

Adelaide Johnson
Matthew Duveneck
Kerissa Fuccillo

Example Graduate Courses

BIO 529 Conservation Biology
BIO 571 Plant Ecology
BIO 573 Field Sampling
BIO 576 Population Biology
BIO 551 Plant Physiology
ESM 510 Forest Ecology
ESM 518 Landscape Ecology
ESM 585 Ecology and Management of Bioinvasions

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