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Earth, Environment, & Society Faculty & Staff

In recent years, the Earth, Environment and Society PhD program has served three departments in PSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science and Management. Occasional students from Anthropology have also participated. Starting in Fall 2018, the program is expanding to include several additional departments, including Biology, Physics, History, and Communications.

There is also increased emphasis on collaboration with outside partners, and dissertation topics that incorporate cutting-edge technology and public policy.

A primary goal of this program is to expose students, during their training, to the kinds of government and non-profit organizations where many will later find jobs.

As EES evolves, students will continue to have a home department for administrative purposes, with increasing opportunities for students to interact with faculty, staff and students in other disciplines. 

Find out more about our impressive faculty within departments associated with the EES program:

              Program Director
              Dr. Jon Fink