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Departments and Centers

The School of the Environment is made up of several departments, centers, and affiliated institutes.

The School includes Environmental Sciences and Management, Geography, Geology, and Systems Science; affiliated faculty from these departments; other departments at Portland State; the Institute for Natural Resources-Portland and the USGS Oregon Water Science Center; and research and service groups that are administered by the School and participating departments.

Academic Departments

Environmental Sciences and Management



PSU-USGS Research Collaborative

USGS Oregon Water Science Center

Centers, Institutes and Laboratories

Institute for Natural Resources-Portland

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs

Aquatic Bioinvasions Policy and Research Institute

Environmental Professional Programs

Urban Ecological Research Consortium

Center for Spatial Analysis and Research

Center for Geography Education in Oregon

Urban Greenspaces Institute

Biogeography and Tree-ring Lab

Glacier Research

Trace Element Analytical Laboratory

Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory

Greater Portland Pulse

Close collaboration and overlap with other
units on campus

Center for Climate and Aerosol Research

Institute for Sustainable Solutions