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Critical Zone Processes


Critical zones are "the heterogeneous, near surface environment in which complex interactions involving rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms regulate the natural habitat and determine the availability of lifesustaining resources (NRC, 2001)." Our emphasis is on the flux of water and nutrients through the near-surface environment and the effects of land use decisions on ecosystem integrity (particularly fluvial systems). We are seeking funding for group activities from the NSF Geomorphology and Land Use Dynamics program.


Martin Lafrenz, GEOG,

Other involved faculty:
Scott Burns, GEOL
Heejun Chang, GEOG
Andrew Fountain, GEOL & GEOG
James O'Connor, USGS 
Ben Perkins, GEOL
Curt Peterson, GEOL
Alex Ruzicka, GEOL
Alan Yeakley, ESM