Conferences & Symposia

Attending conferences & events in the Pacific Northwest helps students connect with other professionals and researchers in the area.

PSU Conferences

School of the Environment Monthly Research Colloquium
An informal gathering to discuss current graduate student research and build community in environmental scholarship. All are welcome!Occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10-12 in the Market Center Building, Rm. 312  

Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium of Portland/Vancouver 
Urban environmental issues; practical application of related ecological and social sciences in Portland/ Vancouver metro region 
Sigma Xi Columbia-Willamette Chapter Science & engineering
PSU Graduate Student Research Forum 
Grad student poster & paper presentations  
Urban Sustainability “Research to Action” Symposium 
Urban mobility and access, green infrastructure, urban ecology, the built environment 
Campus-Wide Student Research Symposium 
Undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines 
ESM Joint Campus Colloquium 
Posters & guest lecture

Regional Conferences

Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale
Microscopy technologies that can be used to image biological systems at high resolution 
Environmental Evaluators Network 
Environmental Evaluation 

Oregon Academy of Science 
Natural & social sciences 

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 
Photogrammetry & remote sensing 

Northwest Scientific Association 
Natural & applied sciences 

Northwest Anthropological Association 
Anthropology & Archaeology 

Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference 
Place-based exchange of information about emerging climate, climate impacts, and climate adaptation science in the Pacific Northwest 

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 
Geographical education & research 

Oregon Geographic Alliance
Geographic Education

Western Society of Naturalists 
Ecology, evolution, natural history, & marine biology 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
Science & Technology Seminar Series: Science, technology, & engineering

National Conferences

Scientific Community on Antarctic Research
International scientific research in the Antarctic 
Ecological Society of America  
Ecology, biodiversity, ecological awareness 

Wildlife Society 
Wildlife science, management, conservation, education, & policy 

North American Cartographic Information Society 
Cartography, Mapping & GIS