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This research group facilitates research on bioinvasions by hosting seminars, graduate journal clubs, and producing collaborative proposals.

Current research in the group includes aquatic invasive species biology, biogeography, management, and policy; terrestrial invasive plant ecological genetics and population biology; invasive species database management; and sensor development for early detection.

Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs
Aquatic Bioinvasions Policy and Research Institute
Smithsonian Environmental Research
Marine Bioinvasion Education


Contact: Catherine de Rivera:
Mark Sytsma

Other involved faculty:

 Chauncey Anderson, USGS-OWSC

Val Brennis, ESM
Michael Cummings, GEOL
Robyn Draheim, ESM
Sarah Eppley, BIOL
Kurt Getsinger, US-AERD
Elise Granek, ESM
Jimmy Kagan, INR-P
Amy Larson, ESM
Denny Lassuy, US-FWS
Gregory Ruiz, ESM & ABPRI
Martin Siderius, CECS
Angela Strecker, ESM
Ian Waite, USGS-OWSC
Lindsey Wise, INR-P

Alan Yeakley, ESM
Lisa Zurk, EE


PhD Students

Brian Adair
Trevor Scheffels
Mark Rosenkrantz
Leslie Bliss-Ketchum
Andrew Harwood
Brian Turner

Example Graduate Courses

ESM 578 Aquatic Vascular Plants
ESM 575 Limnology and Aquatic Ecology
ESM 528 Urban Ecology
ESM 583 Marine Conservation and Management
ESM 585 Ecology and Management of Bioinvasions
BI 529 Conservation Biology
BI 571 Plant Ecology