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Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic Ecology studies ecological interactions between biota and their environment in freshwater and marine ecosystems. The group focuses particularly on the ecological interactions and their underlying ecological processes necessary to sustain ecosystem structure and function in their natural state. A unified theme for our researches is to integrate sound ecological researches into environmental management and policy.

On-going research topics include: consequences and control of aquatic species invasions, ecophysiology of cyanobacterial blooms, effective design and implementation of marine protected areas, watershed disturbance predictive models, and the effectiveness of wetland mitigation.

Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs


Contact: Angela Strecker,

Other involved faculty:
John Bauer, INR-P & TNC
Erik Burns, USGS-OWSC
Virginia Butler, ANTH
Kurt Carpenter, USGS
John Christy, INR-P
Elise Granek, ESM
Valerie Kelly, USGS
Amy Larson, ESM
Joe Maser, ESM
Yangdong Pan, ESM
John Rueter, ESM
Mark Sytsma, ESM
Ian Waite, USGS

PhD Students

Brian Adair
Nicole Alfafara
Patrick Edwards
Mark Rosenkrantz
Arick Rouhe

Example Graduate Courses

ESM 524 Wetland Ecology
ESM 526 Ecology of Streams and Rivers
ESM 573 Phytoplankton Ecology
ESM 575 Limnology and Aquatic Ecology
ESM 577 Limnology Field Lab
ESM 578 Aquatic Vascular Plants
ESM 580 Coastal Marine Ecology