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About the School

Who we are & what we do

The School of the Environment is made up of three academic departments--Environmental Sciences and ManagementGeography, Geology--as well as the Institute for Natural Resources-Portland and the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.

In addition to the undergraduate and Master's programs offered by the three departments, The School of the Environment offers the EES (Earth, Environment, & Society) PhD degree. These programs are a cooperative effort of all of the units within the school in collaboration with affiliated faculty from other units in the university. 

Vision Statement

"We will build a school that is regionally focused and nationally recognized. This will be accomplished, by providing a social and physical institution where faculty, staff and students can reach their highest intellectual potential and productivity. Our school will attract students and faculty and welcome visiting scholars from around the world. We will strive to be leaders in the framing and definition of issues providing linkages between society and the environment. We will carry out sophisticated and cutting edge research to improve environmental understanding and implementing adaptive management. Through these contributions, the School will play a central role in transforming PSU to be a globally respected and recognized 21st century university."

The School of the Environment will promote and enhance environmental research and education through contributions from faculty, staff, students, and community partners.

In addition to supporting the broader values of Portland State University and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we also hold the following to be valuable:

  • Teaching and serving students
  • Research that has a regional focus and gains national recognition
  • Service to urban, scholarly and environmental communities
  • Governance following from scholarship
  • Quality physical facilities