Professional and Technical Writing: Program Goals and Results

Program Goals

The goal of the graduate program in Professional and Technical Writing is to prepare students to be effective writers and managers in 21st century work environments. The program is specifically designed to produce professionals poised to take on project management and leadership positions. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Principles and theories of document and interface design
  • Genre awareness
  • Audience analysis
  • User centered design and other technical writing research methods
  • Techniques for writing clearly and with concision
  • Workplace tools, i.e. training students in the most current and relevant technologies
  • Ethics involved in producing actionable content for users
  • Practices for effective collaboration and consensus building in teams
  • Developing quality materials suitable for professional portfolios or publication submissions. 

Program Results

Upon completion of the Professional and Technical Writing program, you will:

  • Create precise and direct content for production and publication
  • Create effective technical documents and interfaces supported by relevant theory and industry standard
  • Be fluent in numerous genres of writing 
  • Be proficient in research methodologies and skills of active audience analysis for the production of appropriate content 
  • Use writing technologies and media appropriate to audiences and situations
  • Become well-versed in industry ethics
  • Employ the art of collaboration and co-creation
  • Develop a professional level portfolio showcasing skills gained through program projects