Master's in Technical and Professional Writing

Welcome to Portland State University’s Master’s in Technical and Professional Writing program.

The Program 

Since 1993, Portland State University has been educating master's students in Technical and Professional Writing. The program prepares students to succeed in an industry that is dynamic and constantly evolving. Whether it is working in the field of government or nonprofit, in the corporate world or creating new jobs in the field, PSU produces writers who fit the needs in this cutting edge field. Located in the heart of the “Silicon Forest,” PSU is nestled within a vibrant technical writing community. 

We encourage a diverse field of applicants. We look for students dedicated to mastering the art of effective and precise communication who demonstrate a desire to work diligently toward success. To accommodate the needs of working professionals and full time students, many of our courses are offered either fully online, as hybrid courses (partially on-line courses with a classroom component), or they meet on campus in the late-afternoon or evening hours.

What is Technical and Professional Writing?

Technical and Professional Writing is the study of how to communicate complex information simply and effectively to varying audiences. It involves writing and technology applied in websites, social media, documentation, and policies. Professional and technical writing has a broad scope that is applicable in business, healthcare, science, government, technology, advertising, and many different fields. 

Learn More 

  • Program Goals and Results.  These are the core skills our program seeks to teach.  

  • Application Process.  Find information on how to apply here.

  • Alumni Profiles.  Discover how our alumni have used the skills and connections they acquired in the program.

  • Faculty Profiles.  Meet our faculty and learn about the courses they teach. 

  • Program Curriculum.  The program requires a series of four core courses, as well as a cluster of classes in an area of specialization and a series of electives.  Learn more about your options here.  

  • Program Contacts.  Have questions about the program or the applications process?  Ask here.