Kate Comer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Associate Director of Rhetoric & Composition

FMH 310K | 725-3568 | kcomer@pdx.edu

B.A. in Literature, Eckerd College 
M.Phil. in Anglo-Irish Literature, Trinity College Dublin
M.A. in English, University of Colorado Boulder
Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies, The Ohio State University

On the PSU faculty since 2017

FIELDS: Composition & Rhetoric, Pedagogy, Digital Activism, Public Intellectualism, Narrative Theory, Writing Program Administration


Kate Comer joined the English Department of Portland State University in the Fall Term of 2017 as Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Rhetoric & Composition. She comes to PSU from Barry University in Miami, FL, where she directed the First-Year Writing Program and taught courses in professional writing and multimodal composition. Her current research focuses on public rhetoric, digital activism, and community writing, along with ongoing projects related to writing program administration, the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, and the online journal Harlot, of which she is one of the founding editors. Outside academia, Kate has been involved in wildlife rehabilitation and neighborhood advocacy, hobbies she hopes to continue in Portland.


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