Bill Knight, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Stratford Hall Room 301 | 725-3508 |

B.A. Clemson University
M.A. SUNY Stony Brook
Ph.D. Duke University

On the PSU faculty since 2011

FIELDS: 18th-century British literature, Scriblerian satire, the sublime, the picaresque, the crowd, aesthetics, ethics


English 300: Critical Method; English 454: the Sublime in 18th-century British Literature; English 492/592: Hospitality and “Theory”; English 320: the Picaresque Novel in English; English 342: 18th-century British Literature; English 318: the Bible as Literature; UNST 236: Crowds, Masses, and Multitudes; English 500: Problems and Methods of Literary Study; English 491/591: the History of Literary Criticism and Theory I.