Summer English Through Sustainability and Service Learning

Due to COVID-19, we will only be offering our Remote Short Term Programs in the summer, 2021.

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Remote Short Term Programs

2022 Session dates

2022 Session Dates
Session # of weeks Dates
1 3 TBD
2 4 TBD
3 4 TBD
4 3 TBD

We welcome students to join for multiple sessions!

Sessions 1 & 2 - TBD
Sessions 2 & 3 - TBD
Sessions 1, 2, & 3 - TBD

Course Description

Classes will be built around Sustainability and Service Learning. Each class will focus on developing students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, while also increasing their understanding of American culture. Classes are communicative in approach and student-centered in its delivery. Students will have ample opportunity to explore cultural topics and expand their English language skills through small group activities, projects, and interaction outside the classroom in the Portland State and greater Portland communities.

Students will be in class for 16-17hr total instruction hours each week and service learning hours 4hr-3hr, totalling 20 hours per week, Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are filled with fun activities. 


Students will be placed into either the upper level or lower level, depending on their placement test scores. The placement test will be given during orientation.

Class Activities and Field Trips

Classes give students the opportunity to use and practice their English in real-life situations. Students can visit and write about places in Portland, attend cultural events, talk with PSU students, listen to guest speakers, discuss topics related to Sustainability, Service Learning and American culture and experience volunteering in the community.

Activities (link to sample activities calendar) and field trips may include:

  • Attend weekly international coffee hour to chat with other PSU students
  • Go to Baseball games
  • Go to outlet mall for tax-free shopping
  • Participate in a downtown Portland walking tour
  • Visit the Portland Zoo or Japanese Garden
  • Experience Portland Food Culture (Blue Star and Voodoo Donuts, Salt & Straw ice-cream, Stumptown Coffee, and food carts from around the world)
  • Visit other popular Portland places like Saturday Market, the Farmer’s Market, Powell's Bookstore, coffee shops, etc.
  • Participate in FOCUS (community organization) picnics
  • Attend music festivals or go to see movies in the park to experiencing American culture

Each session will focus on a different Sustainable Development Goal as established by the United Nations.

Below are some examples of topics, guest speakers, field trips, and service-learning activities.
Class topics:

Guest speakers from Portland State University:

Portland State University Offices we're partnered with:

Guest speakers from the community:

Field trips:  

Plus a service learning program:

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