PSU Pathway Program Program Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees for Academic year 2020/21

*Subject to change

Tuition chart
  6 Month Pathway 9 Month Pathway Pre-Pathway
Tuition total* $9,662-$12,094
Includes 1-2 PSU classes
$14,504 - $19,368
Includes 2-4 PSU classes
Fees 2020/2021
Fee name Fee amount
6 Month Pathway
Fee amount
9 Month Pathway
Fee amount
Learning Center and Student Engagement Fee $580 $870 $290

Student Health Center Fee/ basic insurance plan

$336 $504 $168

Health Insurance** /extended plan (can be waived)

$1,870 $2,805 $935
University Fees $758 $1,137 $379
SEVIS Fee $40 $60 $20
Pathway Program Support Fee $400 $600 $0
Total Tuition and Fees* $13,646-$16,078 $20,480-$25,344 $6,130

Estimated Living Expenses (in Portland) 

Estimated expense type Estimated expense total
6 Month Pathway
Estimated expense total
9 Month Pathway
Estimated expense total
Books** & School Supplies $400 $600 $200
Housing/Rent $4,650 $6,975 $2,325
Food $3,000 $4,500 $1,500

Other personal expenses (transportation, entertainment, etc.)

$3,000 $4,500 $1,500
Total Living Expenses $11,050 $16,575 $5,525

*Tuition and fees are subject to change
**Book prices may vary

Total Tuition, Fees, and Estimated Living Expenses
  6 Month Pathway 9 Month Pathway Pre-Pathway
Tuition $24,696-$27,128 $37,055-$41,919 $11,655

One time fees
One time fee type Fee amount Fee explanation
New Student Program Fee  $150

For full-time PSU Pathway Program Students. Includes fees for the placement test, orientation, and the mentoring program. Fee is submitted via the intent to enroll form. 

PSU ID Card FREE All students will receive a PSU ID card; submitted to the ID services window in Fariboz Maseeh Hall
Other fees
Other fees Fee amount Fee explanation
Sponsored Student Fee (recurring) $150

Students who are sponsored by their government will be charged the sponsored student fee each term. This fee is billed to and paid by the sponsor.

Airport Pick-up Fee $75

This fee is paid by students prior to arrival if they chose to be picked up from the airport.

Late Fee $250

For all students who arrive in Portland after the placement test that is given before the beginning of each term; for all returning students who did not submit their enrollment plans to us by the deadline

Learning Center Lost Book Fine $50 Students who do not return IELP Learning Center books and materials by the end of term deadline will be charged a $50 lost book fine. These fees are used to replace LC library holdings. 

What does the IELP offer you?

You will receive intensive instruction for 11 weeks during fall, winter and spring terms and 8 weeks during summer term. You can take advantage of the IELP Learning Center Services and participate in IELP Activities. You will participate in the IELP New Student Orientation week and will have access to an IELP peer mentor through our mentoring program. All students in our program are issued a university identification card, which gives you full access to all university resources, such as the library, computer labs, and the new Rec Center.

Your placement test score may determine that you start in the Pre-Entry: Level 0. Level 0 is designed for beginning-level students who need extra support to develop their basic English skills before continuing on to the higher levels. Students in level 0 are in class for 22 hours a week (compared to 18 hours in the other levels) and receive extra tutoring support.