Levels 1-3 course description

Sample Schedule for Levels 1-3*
Course Day Class Time  Credits
Grammar and Writing Monday, Wednesday, Friday 140 minutes 8
Reading Monday, Wednesday, Friday 65 minutes 4
Speaking and Listening Tuesday & Thursday 110 minutes 4
Skills enhancement courses (Google doc) Tuesday OR Thursday 110 minutes 2

*subject to change

Course Descriptions

Level 1 | Grammar and Writing
Practice sentence structure and paragraph writing. Explore the form, meaning, and use of simple present, progressive, past, and future verbs.

Level 1 | Reading
Sharpen basic reading skills by building vocabulary and learning useful reading techniques. Practice reading comprehension skills such as differentiating main ideas from supporting details and examples.

Level 1 | Speaking and Listening
Develop confidence and comprehensibility of everyday social interactions. Build skills by participating in conversations, asking and responding to questions, identifying common speaking patterns, and giving presentations.

Level 2 | Grammar and Writing
Discover the essentials of expanding paragraphs into longer essays by using connectors, proper organization and formatting rules. Delve deeper in grammatical structures such as perfect tenses, modals, gerunds and infinitives, and passive voice.

Level 2 | Reading
Improve reading comprehension skills, reading speed, dictionary skills, and academic vocabulary knowledge using both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Level 2 | Speaking and Listening
Identify meaningful information from short lectures and conversations. Practice asking and answering questions in present, past, future, and present perfect tenses. Plan and deliver short oral presentations. Continue improvement of pronunciation skills, including stress, intonation, and reductions.

Level 3 | Grammar and Writing
Enhance essay writing skills using various rhetorical styles. Strengthen grammar knowledge with practice using parallel structures, past and future perfect tenses, and clauses.

Level 3 | Reading
Develop critical reading skills with longer works of fiction and non-fiction. Learn to recognize rhetorical patterns, determine the author’s purpose, and paraphrase and summarize points. Continue to expand and practice academic vocabulary.

Level 3 | Speaking and Listening
Improve understanding of academic lectures while learning efficient note-taking techniques. Advance skills needed for focused small-group discussions, impromptu speaking, and individual and group presentations.