Level PEP course description (level 0)

Sample Schedule for PEP*
Course Day Class Time  Credits
Grammar and Writing Monday, Wednesday, Friday 140 minutes 8
Reading Monday, Wednesday, Friday 105 minutes 6
Speaking and Listening Tuesday & Thursday 110 minutes 4
American Culture and Academic life Tuesday and Thursday 110 minutes 3

*subject to change

Level 0 Courses

Grammar and Writing
Learn to identify parts of speech and sentences. Study and practice the basics of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and good penmanship. Write beginning-level paragraphs using simple present and past tense.

Develop crucial English reading, phonics, and dictionary skills. Practice extensive reading and learn decoding strategies to become more fluent, achieve basic comprehension, and increase vocabulary.

Speaking and Listening
Practice understanding and being understood in simple conversational situations. Improve skills by listening to conversations and interviews, asking and answering questions, giving information using both simple present and past tenses, and learning proper word and sentence-level pronunciation.

American Culture and Academic Life (ACAL)
Use reading, grammar, writing, and communication skills to learn about the IELP, PSU, and Portland. Common topics include health care, safety, academic expectations, and immigration issues.