IELP Student Services

Welcome to the IELP community! All of us look forward to helping you settle into American culture and life on campus. Below you will find useful information on our placement process and registration. 

Below you will find useful information regarding our placement test and registration process, along with useful links to other student services information! 

The IELP Placement Test Dates

Placement test scores determine the program level that IELP admitted students will enter as they begin their IELP studies. If you are a Pathway Program student and have been placed in either the 6 or 9 month program, the placement test might not be required. 

It is very important to register and arrive for the test on time. New students take the placement test before the beginning of each term. Remote placement testing is available upon request. Please email for more information.

Testing Schedule
Winter 2021 Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Fall 2021
Email us at TBD TBD TBD

Placement Test Description

The IELP Placement Test is a computer-based test called ACCUPLACER ESL. Most students finish the test in 1-2 hours.

The test has three parts: writing, listening, and sentence meaning. 

Test Parts
Skill Time Questions Format
Writing 30 minutes Prompt

Write an academic style essay in response to a question. The test scores grammar, word use, sentence use, and organization/development.

Listening Not timed Multiple choice

Listen to short conversations or lectures about academic and everyday topics. Answer questions about comprehension and implied meaning.

Sentence Meaning Not timed Multiple choice

Read 1-2 sentences at a time and answer questions about the sentence.

Placement Test and Orientation Registration

Students must register for the placement test through the IELP Orientation Week Registration form online. This online registration form will be emailed to all newly admitted students to complete. The final deadline for registration is the day before the test. After students have submitted their online Orientation Week Registration form, students will receive an email with important information about their placement test date. 

New Student Orientation and Placement Test Fees:

IELP admitted students: $100

PSU conditionally admitted students: $150

These fees will be paid upon submitting the Orientation Week Registration Form.

Course Registration Process for New Students

Students who are not admitted to a Pathway Program, will take the placement test. Students' test scores determine the program level they will enter and the class schedule they will receive. Students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are required to be enrolled full time, so they must take all classes in their program level(s). Part-time students may choose their classes within their program level.

On the first day of each term, students must pick up their class schedules, which contains the list of courses, building names and room numbers, and names of instructors for each course. The IELP creates students’ schedules to ensure that new students are mixed with returning students and that classes are composed of students of varying cultural and language backgrounds. This creates the diversity that all language learners seek. Students who are unable to pick up their schedules or attend the first class session must notify the IELP office.

During week two of each term, the IELP staff will register all students in the PSU system. This allows students to have an official record of registration and to be fully integrated into PSU. In week three, students’ tuition bills are ready for payment.

Course Registration for Returning Students

Current students in the IELP select their classes for the following term during week 6 of the current term.

Students receive a confirmation of their chosen courses during week 10 of their current term. This information is used to create the next term's class schedule. Current students who do not have holds on their accounts will be emailed a copy of their new class schedule on the Thursday of week 0. If a current has a hold on their account, they can pick up their schedule on Schedule Pick-Up Day of week 0 (the week before the new term begins).

Changing Your Class Schedule

Students who need to make a change to their schedule must come to the IELP office to make their request. The IELP may or may not be able to accommodate students’ requests depending on course availability and on PSU’s deadlines. All students must follow the IELP Academic Calendar, which conforms with PSU’s calendar, for registration dates and deadlines.