Graduate ESL Pathway Program

About the Program

These specialized courses are designed to support graduate students in refining the communication skills necessary for success in American master's and doctoral programs. In these classes, students can work on improving their academic writing and presentation skills, develop strategies to effectively participate in American graduate-level classes, and receive support in adjusting to the culture and pressures of academia.

Are you a current graduate student at PSU, OHSU, or another university in the Portland area?

If you are admitted to, or if you are already taking classes in your degree program, you do not need to apply to the IELP or take our placement test! 

Current Graduate Students:

  • Do you need help starting on an assignment for a class? How about organizing the literature review for your thesis or dissertation?
  • Do you need help preparing and delivering confident presentations?
  • Do you want to develop more strategies for getting your voice heard in class discussions?

The IELP Can Help!

The IELP’s Academic Communication Support classes can help graduate students build skills, develop confidence, and learn strategies for effectively contributing to the academic conversation. These classes also offer opportunities for multilingual graduate students to develop systems of peer and language support that will sustain their work throughout their programs.

Do you want to go to graduate school in the U.S.A.?

Not yet admitted to a graduate program?

The IELP is a great place to prepare for your graduate studies. We have tutors in our Learning Center who specialize in IELTS and TOEFL iBT tests, and we have classes that can help you develop your grammar, writing, reading, and listening/speaking skills.

Graduate ESL Pathway Courses

All courses include access to IELP support and services:

  • Free access to CRLA* certified tutors who specialize in multilingual student support, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation, pronunciation and grammar.
  • Free access to the IELP Learning Center and computer lab.
  • Access to IELP activities designed to expose students to Portland life and culture.

* College Reading and Learning Association

Writing Courses

Ling 453 Graduate Research and Writing - 4 credits
This class provides an overview of typical graduate level writing and helps students refine their academic writing skills through multiple projects that use library research and field-appropriate citation. Learn to recognize and produce vocabulary and grammar appropriate to graduate-level academic writing. (MWF 12:45-13:50)

Ling 457 Advanced Writing Seminar for Multilingual Students - 2 credits
This seminar-style class helps graduate students navigate their existing writing projects. In five full class meetings, students set writing goals, receive feedback on their writing projects from classmates, and discuss topics related to academic writing practices, such as using clear and precise grammar or vocabulary, and integrating outside literature as support for an argument. These classes are supplemental with regular consultations with the instructor and IELP tutors for individual student support. (F 10:15-12:05)

Reading Courses

Ling 454 Graduate Reading Strategies - 4 credits
Explore readings in individual disciplines and develop strategies to prepare for graduate-level reading. Develop skills to increase comprehension, reading speed, and note taking. Use technology to discuss readings, organize and manage research articles, cite sources, and expand academic vocabulary.
(MW: 14:00-15:05)

Speaking & Listening Courses

Ling 456 Graduate Oral Communication - 4 credits
Prepare for the demands of graduate-level course works by practicing public    speaking and group discussion. Focus on interpersonal language skills and cross-cultural skills in an academic environment. (TR: 14:00-15:50)

NEW CLASSLing 199 008 Presenting Your Work: Presentation Strategies for Multilingual Academics - 2 credits
This workshop-style class helps graduate students improve the content, organization, and delivery of academic presentations. Class work will include analyzing and evaluating presentations for effectiveness, then designing content and visuals for students’ existing presentation assignments, including thesis/dissertation defense presentations. Students benefit from targeted presentation practice and individualized consultations with the instructor.
(Fridays 10:15-12:05)

Grammar Courses

Ling 152 Grammar & Editing for Academic Writing - 4 credits
Learn about the grammar used in academic writing, practice correcting and
applying new grammar forms to improve the sophistication and accuracy of
your writing. (MWF 9:00 - 10:05 or 10:15-11:20)

LING 199 Grammar Refresher for Academic Writing - 2 credits 
Learn to recognize and apply grammatical features commonly used in academic
writing. This 2-credit hybrid class moves quickly through grammar forms in order
to give advanced academic writers more confidence in the accuracy of their
writing. (TH 10:00-11:50 and online) 

Tianyu (Fay) Zhang

PSU Graduate Student
MA TESOL & International Management

“Especially in China, we think that language programs are a waste of money, waste of time, but that’s not going to happen in the IELP..."