The IELP is part of Portland State University, a community-oriented urban university with a diverse student and teacher population. The IELP offers you full immersion and integration into PSU while you improve your English skills.

Being part of a large university allows you to take advantage of campus resources. PSU is located in the heart of Portland, a beautiful, clean, and safe place to study and experience American culture. The IELP offers intensive instruction in various areas of English language preparation. Your learning is supported by IELP Student Services, such as The IELP Learning Center, the IELP Conversation Partner Program, and the IELP Tutors and our Academic Advisors. Our IELP Student Life Office organizes activities outside the classroom that help you make great friends and life-long connections with people.

Want to study for a degree at PSU but don't meet the minimum English language requirement? Then the PSU Pathway Program is your pathway to PSU. While studying in the IELP, you will be fully immersed in campus life while improving your English skills and preparing yourself for academic success. Once you’ve reached the advanced levels and are enrolled in the PSU Pathway Program, you have the opportunity to take one or two advisor-approved PSU classes before graduating from the IELP. This allows for a smooth transition into becoming a PSU student.

IELP History

IELP classroom in 1964

Since 1964, Portland State University (PSU) has offered academic English language instruction to thousands of international students and non-native English speakers. The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) is one of the largest university-based, English-as-a-second-language (ESL) programs in Oregon. We are also one of the oldest university-based ESL programs in the western United States.

In 2015, The IELP celebrated it's 50th year anniversary! We offered an all day open house to the PSU and Portland community where people could come to learn about our program and history.


Portland State University’s Intensive English Language Program is a dynamic, international community of educators and learners of all levels. We foster self-discovery, multicultural understanding, and student success. Our students become fluent and confident communicators who are able to connect in English around the world. The IELP upholds the mission of Portland State University.  

IELP Accreditation & Professional Associations