Graduate Certificate Program Technological Entrepreneurship

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Technological Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate Overview

PSU Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

The ability to start new technology firms and create new technology-driven business ventures comprises a key source of competitiveness in the 21st Century. Many technology-driven startup firms have emerged and continue to emerge in the greater Portland Metropolitan Area. These firms, as well as the major technology-based global companies, have expressed a critical need for an advanced graduate-level educational resource to improve the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of employees that they have identified as future leaders. This program is designed to address that need.

About the Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

The Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science includes five departments, 84 full-time faculty and more than 3,000 students. We offer academic programs that provide transformative opportunities within the classroom and beyond. If you join our college, you'll be connected to Portland's leading tech companies providing opportunities for internships, mentoring, networking, and long term careers. Our faculty offer research opportunities that allow for collaborative or individual study, culturing creativity and innovation. If you want to push what’s possible, in Portland and far beyond, accelerate your career with a graduate degree from the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Technological Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

Portland is a great place to start a business and was named the "Next Big Startup Scene" by Inc. If you see yourself as a future entrepreneur, this program will provide essential skills. But even if not (or not yet) - many local startups want technical employees who understand entrepreneurship, while large companies will value your entrepreneurial spirit and business sense. We asked the CEO of a major electronics company if he is worried if his employees strengthen their entrepreneurial skills in the ETM department because they may leave and start their own business: His response: No, not at all, we need entrepreneurs, and if we cannot keep them, shame on us.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Technological Entrepreneurship?

ETM graduates embody an entrepreneurial spirit. They have founded companies that have raised millions in venture capital funding and competed in business plan cases.

Entrepreneurship is not just for creating new companies. Graduates of this program work in various engineering management positions in high tech.


Take 4 of the 6 courses.

  • ETM 531 - Technology Assessment and Acquisition
  • ETM 535 - Advanced Engineering Economics
  • ETM 548 - Managing New Technology Introductions
  • ETM 561 - Technological Entrepreneurship
  • ETM 562 - New Venture Management
  • ETM 573 - Management of Intellectual Capital



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